Breakwater Vineyards Unoaked Chardonnay 2010, MaineBreakwater Vineyards Unoaked Chardonnay 2010


We're building a house in Maine. A one room cottage, really, that someday will have a loft and a couple of screened sleeping porches for when friends and family visit.

We like Maine, of course, because it's the opposite of the South Florida landscape where we both grew up. We enjoy the change: the crisp, often cold summertime mornings, the mixed aroma of pine and seawater, the fog that rolls in with the musical stylings of the nearby foghorns. And don't even get us started on the pumpkin-spice Whoopie pies. To die for!

This year a new imprint was added to our memory collections of Maine: poplars.

One night we sat on the first stage of the front deck Tom had just completed and appreciated this other aspect of the trees around us. We leaned against the house, legs stretched to the edge of the landing. I was wrapped in a light wool scarf, perfect against the cold, and we each enjoyed a glass of this lovely wine, which we agreed was even better than the last vintage, which was already near-to perfect.

We watched the stillness of the quiet evening as the sun settled. Every now and then, a breeze caught the tops of the poplars that towered over all the other trees, and their thousands of leaves rustled as if in enthusiastic, joyous applause. Like watching a puppy at play, we couldn't help but smile.

We clinked glasses, enjoyed the delicious wine, and along with the poplars, delighted in watching the program before us. -- Cheers!

-- Maine

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