Biltmore Reserve Chardonnay 2010, CaliforniaBiltmore Reserve Chardonnay 2010


Prepped, packed, ready for a road trip. Excited while having dinner with the family the night before we are scheduled to leave, and surprise! A package arrives with a wine for us to sample. Ahhhh, bliss. We will bring the wine along and sample it of a cool evening in our little cottage by the sea. Cheers!

Early in the morning we share last hugs, wave goodbye, and head out. And at about the thirty mile mark, our ever-reliable vehicle chooses to simply power down. From 70-mph, we glide almost to a stop, get the engine to turn over once and are able to make it safely off the expressway and under an overpass.

Thank goodness.

We'll spare you all the hideous details, but it took more than six hours to make our way back home. Five of those hours were spent alongside the expressway. In South Florida. In the summer! (If we say it was about 110-degrees, we wouldn't be exaggerating).

We spent much of the time imagining how much worse our situation could be. Coulda been in the full sun. Coulda been in the full sun while being assaulted by swarms of mosquitoes. Coulda been in full sun with swarms of mosquitoes and no cell service! Eeeek!

Coulda been worse. The good thing is, we had a cooler full of our road food favorites and why not take advantage of the down time and just start chilling that wine? After being towed, after getting a loaner from our mechanic, after arriving back home to waiting arms and big hugs, showering and settling in, uncorking and pouring, we have to say, there is no wine that has ever tasted so good.

And not just because we'd had a lousy day. This wine is crisp, fresh with a light citrus edge, and ready for any occasion. We received this for review, but it retails online for about $17. Ahhhh, bliss! (And now, back to our previously scheduled vacation...)

-- California

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