Bedell 2013 Chardonnay


Bedell 2013 ChardonnayA couple drives to Maine from Florida every summer. It's a relationship strainer because one of the people in the car is a MUCH better driver than the other. By happenstance, the better driver is the one not driving.

But the better driver isn't afraid to point out the occasional technical errors being made by the actual driver. I'm not saying that's a good thing to do, I'm just saying sometimes things need to be said if some of us want to get to our destination in one piece. (A rule for life -- correct me if I'm wrong -- but a rule for life is never BACK UP on the Long Island Expressway during a thunderstorm because you missed the exit. Just. Don't. Right? Non-Driver can comment on that maneuver during a road trip, right?)

We've been building a house in Maine and this is the first year that we didn't have to drive together to our summer home because this is the first year we didn't need to haul building supplies that Tom The Carpenter had collected throughout the year. Just get to Maine however we each liked. Yes! How Tom liked is to travel by motorcycle. (Yea-so, that didn't make me nervous.)

He packed the side car. He donned his gear. He headed out onto the open secondary roads. (No expressways for him. Thank goodness his motorcycle is too slow for that.) He stopped to visit friends and family, he saw the countryside, he rarely got lost. He arrived safely.

From friends along the way he was gifted this wonderful wine. What a find! It retails in the $35 range, but that's okay. Some things are worth it. Fresh and fruity but with a smooth edge, a flavor that's present, consistent and delicious. Tom and I shared this gem on the deck of our summer house as an evening fog rolled through the trees, and cheered our safe arrivals however we'd journeyed to get to this place.

-- New York

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