Beauregard 2009 Chardonnay Metallique, CaliforniaBeauregard 2009 Chardonnay Metallique

Comme ci, comme ca

Let's jump right in. We did this twice and are disinclined to try again.

Have you ever cut open a papaya and been greeted by ... so as not to put you off your meal ... a musky aroma? We have. Papaya is a delicious fruit, and nutritious, too. We eat them often since we have trees in the yard. And our chickens love papaya.

But when first opened, depending on the variety, papaya can stink up a kitchen but good. Really unpleasant.

Now. This wine proudly claims that "papaya is apparent." Uh-oh. To the nose, it wasn't apparent to us, but to the tongue? Creamy, full and presented like the aroma of some unfortunate papaya. Not good.

With each bottle that we tried on different occasions, we thought, "...maybe it's a first sip thing, maybe it needs to flower and introduce itself." Nope. Intros not required. The garden died. Funky papaya was in the house.

$17 at our local Big Box Monument to Alcohol. That's $34 plus tax, plus Sad Beverage time that can never be recovered. [sigh]

-- California

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