Badger Mountain Organic Chardonnay 2010, WashingtonBadger Mountain Organic Chardonnay 2010


Comme ci, comme ca

"If at first you don't succeed, buy, buy again."

Wait. No. Well, the point is, after purchasing from one store, giving it a try and disagreeing, we saw the product in another store, bought it, tried it, and again arrived at opposite ends.

"Delicious!" from one of us.

"That flavor seems unnecessarily harsh," from the other.

To one of us, it was rosy and flavorful. To the other, it was drinkable, but hard and without enough fruit, so not drinkable enough to recommend.

On the other hand, against a little sweet treat  it might bring just the right balance. Plus, look at that bottle! Gorgeous! And it's organic -- a hit in our crowd. AND it was only 12 bucks at a high-end supermarket. So that's lovely.

A lot going for it. A hearty recommend from one of us and a meh from the other.

-- Washington

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