Arnot-Roberts Chardonnay 2010, CaliforniaArnot-Roberts 2010


As happens on occasion, we were browsing the internet and learned about this brand. Then we spent time looking for a supplier, and then the phone rang, distractions continued and we forgot all about it.

The next night, we opened the Wine Review Drawer, and picked a bottle to sample. Et voilà! It was the very wine we had been hunting down. Wine elves? No. Don't we wish, though. Turns out, we'd bought it the week before in a boutique shop.

It is simplicity all around. A smooth, simple pleasure to drink, an understated label without a vintage or vineyard on the front (ooooo, mysterious!). A lovely treat to share. But share it wisely. This one set us back $35! (Is it just us or is the cost of wine moving upwards?)

-- California

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