Alex Elman Chardonnay 2010, ArgentinaAlex Elman Chardonnay 2010

Comme ci, comme ca

There are wines that clunk at the first sip, but then open up into a delicious beverage. And there are wines we've met that needed no introduction -- from first sip through last, we felt the pride of the winemakers and enjoyed their embrace. That seemed like where we were with this wine.

"Oooo, yummy!"

Then reality set in and, well, it quickly turned (we hate to say it) oaky! Tom didn't feel as let down as I did, but he was underwhelmed. Then we had an epiphany. Maybe it was just this bottle! So we waited, purchased another bottle (medium-price at our supermarket) and then...oh well.

On the other hand, it is organic, so that's something, then.

-- Argentina

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