Abingdon Bare Chardonnay 2010, VirginiaAbingdon Bare Chardonnay 2010


We enjoyed putting wineries in the path of our driving destination this summer. Unusual for us since we usually plot a "Let's just get there" itinerary.

But this year we got off the Interstates and found our way to a few vineyards. And let's remember, we aren't on the west coast, but the east, where getting to the grape-growers requires a tad more diligence.

We just kept hitting gold, is the thing, the very good thing.

If we gave stars, we'd lob one off for the label. We're big fans of whimsy, but this lost us at "cartoon."

What we do give is a big Delicious! to this wine because it is peachy. And by that we mean, each sip hinted (just hinted) that we were south of the Mason-Dixon where peaches are particularly delicious. Smooth, fresh, flavorful, and at less than $13, peachy!

-- Virginia

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