A to Z Chardonnay 2011, OregonA to Z Chardonnay 2011


Weirdly, the first sip has a kind of astringency, not really a zip, but more of a zap, the way a crisp green apple can pucker your mouth with the first bite. Do you feel it? Ouch!

Then it opens up to a sparkling friendliness -- although don't misunderstand, it isn't a sparkling wine, it isn't effervescent. But it shares a sparkling brightness, a little fruity (that is green apple!), definitely a pleasure, just as soon as you get past the first sip.

We don't "pair" wines to food, but this might go nicely against a creamy pasta with seafood. Just a suggestion.

We bought this for about $12 at our local shop.

-- Oregon

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