3 Gen Chardonnay 2010, Chile3 Gen Chardonnay 2010


I grew up in a multi-generational household. Tom didn't, but there was plenty of visiting, even if his grandparents weren't necessarily nearby.

Grandparents and their stories stretched our access to history and popular culture in a way that books and classrooms never could.

In one silly example, learning about when the grandparents finally got telephones (click click, "Marge, connect me to Doc Anderson, would you be a dear?"). Marge would link Granga to Doc Anderson and then promptly tell everyone that someone in Granga's house was sick. Like privacy issues are a 21st century problem. Ha!

Now we share tales with the kids, like the fun of getting a push-button telephone ("Mary had a little lamb ..." you had to be there). Some of the kids didn't fully understand the definition of telephone. "What does dialing mean?"

The other day, our nieces wanted to know what the internet was like when we first signed on. "It made a lot of noise! It wasn't in color and no, you couldn't stream anything." "Then, what did you do?" Uhmmm, huh. Don't know! What did we do?

Anyway, this smooth, light, extra friendly wine is perfect to pour when sharing tales about the way-back-when. Low-ish alcohol and only $14 at a wine shop, so maybe share a few extra stories. Enjoy!

-- Chile

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