2009 Foxglove Chardonnay, California2009 Foxglove Chardonnay


This is one of those happy wines that make you want to sing, not that we would do that to anyone because it would probably ruin everything.

I'm a car/shower singer, can carry on quietly, pridefully in a group, but would never go solo. Well. There was that one time at the agency softball game when I belted out the National Anthem. I was okay. I'd already had a couple'a beers. I'm grateful that no one has video.

Tom is ... he has such a great voice. Beautiful timbre. But ... Tom is not a singer. And when he starts, everyone else stops their singing to give him the "Stop it" look. He's all over the scales. "Stop it!" He doesn't know any of the words. "STOP it!" He's rhythm impaired. "My poor baby."

Anyway, this wine is mellow, but with lots of flavor. Friendly and right on key. It's the sort for enjoying on a quiet evening, but also happy to be the center of attention at a rocking party. The simple, dignified label makes it a handsome offering to serious crowds, too.

We picked it up at a boutique shop for $14, so this will find it's way to upcoming parties until the shelves run dry. Enjoy!

-- California

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